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Reasons for Unauthorized Towing

You do not need to call in a towing company to have your car towed. There are times when you unexpectedly find your vehicle being towed even without your approval. Before waking up to the harsh realities of unauthorized towing, most of which you will be required to meet the resulting costs, this write-up explores possible scenarios where your car might be towed without your consent.

Parking at Wrong Place

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Always make sure you park at the right spot. Parking your car in a handicapped parking zone, in front of a fire hydrant, in an ambulance parking spot, or on private property without authorization warrants legal towing without your consent. While getting parking space can be easy if you live in a not-so-busy town, people who live in big cities like New York understand the hassles that come with finding a parking spot, which makes them vulnerable to illegal parking.

Expired Registration

It is not always good to wait for your vehicle’s registration to expire for you to start running up and down. Expired registration can have you visit the local impound sooner than you might have expected. If a police officer, for instance, finds out that your car’s registration has expired, it is within their right to order that your vehicle be towed without seeking your approval. After renewing your registration, you will also be expected to meet the towing costs.

Not Having a License

Some people drive without having a driver’s license. If, by any chance, you are driving without a license or an expired one and the police stop you, having a tow truck visit the scene is a great possibility. So to be on the safe side, always ensure that anyone driving your car has a valid driving license.

Obstructing a Walkway

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Obstructing a road or walkway is another reason that you have your vehicle towed without your approval. If you leave your car blocking an entrance to a business or road, the chances are that you might not find it there when you come back. To be safe from making this mistake, always make sure that you do not park your car to disrupt the road or access points.

Driving a Faulty Car

Road unworthy cars do not have a place on the road as they pose a threat to other road users’ safety. Therefore, if you are pulled over by police who observe that your car is not safe to drive, then you might have it towed in the spot.…