Vehicle Repairs


How To Fix Some Common Car Problems

If you own a car, you very well understand that cars have a tendency of developing many problems often. You may fix or repair few of the problems yourself, save for the complex issues; you have to take your car to a specialist and seek his expertise. Some of the most common problems are:

Check Engine Light On

A check engine light is simply a malfunction signal lamp that lets you know when there are issues related to emissionfhfbthbyh or with the engine control or the emission control system on your vehicle. The light is annoying and scaring as you don’t know what is wrong with your car. To know the problem with your car, you need to plug a scan tool into your vehicles’ diagnostic connector and read the returned codes. From reading the codes, you will know the sensor or system that experienced problems. Unfortunately, the codes can’t tell you as to why the fault occurred, or how bad the problem is, or the specific part to replace. To fix the problem, you should consult an expert.

Engine Noises

The engine may make various types of noises comprising of clicking collapsed filter, engine valve, engine bearing, and ping and knock noises and many others. Different noises have different meanings and require a different approach. For example, if you have engine valve noise, you should inspect the valvetrain components. The problem might be caused by extreme wear to the ends of the rocker arms, valve stems, and cam followers.

If you have bearing noises, you should inspect for bearing wear by removing the oil pan and then inspect the rod and main bearings. When the bearings are worn out, loose or damaged, you should replace them with the help of a professional.

Diagnostic Trouble Code

vngbghgA diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a set that is usually on a vehicle’s on board computer that lets you know when there is a problem in the vehicle’s system. The code number is shown on the computer often corresponds to the type of fault that your vehicle might be having and comes in handy in the diagnosis of computer problems. There are many types of trouble codes that the equipment can show. The most common are the oxygen sensor, rich, lean trouble, throttle position, manifold absolute pressure, coolant sensor, and misfire trouble codes.

These are some of the most common car problems that you can come across. To have an easy time identifying these problems, you should invest in a scan tool.