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Five Must-Have Upgrades for Auto Enthusiasts

Both cosmetic and performance upgrades have their own importance. However, it is a rule of thumb that not all mods are legal. For instance, in Lithuania, if you modify your car’s performance to be 20% more powerful than the default setup, you need to register for a racing passport. In the US, lowrider mod, loud exhaust, and plate frames are illegal.

Therefore, you must observe your local regulations about car modification first before you continue reading this. Or, you can consult a luxury car auto body about what’s legal and what’s prohibited. Professionals surely know their business.

1. Suspension Upgrades

suspension springIf you’ve just started modifying your car, you must begin with the suspension systems. Not only will it improve your car’s performance but also the passenger’s comfort. If you have a family and often travel with kids, then a decent suspension system can be the key to a calm and quiet trip. Kids waking up in the middle of their sleep usually cry, don’t they?

The first thing to know is that some suspension kits provide a lift to the car, while some others don’t. The ones that lift are meant for off-roaders. If you drive a truck, and you think you need bigger tires, then you certainly need the suspension lift.

2. Anti-Roll Bars

Anti-roll bars usually come with the suspension upgrades. This bar connects all the springs so that they can maintain stability during a fast corner. Moreover, an anti-roll bar helps your car to distribute the weight evenly on the tires, which will make them more long-lasting. However, there are non-adjustable anti-roll bars, and there are the adjustable ones. The second type has a price difference of $50 to $100 from the first, but it will be worth the money.

3. Brake Upgrades

car brakeOnce you change your brake pads and rotors into the quality ones, you’ll be surprised by how smooth your car can be. It will be like literally cruising on the road! Many drivers tend to neglect this upgrade since they are most likely to be fixated on the aesthetic look only.

First, when it comes to brake parts, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket products are more or less the same. In fact, some aftermarket can offer you better quality with a much more affordable price than the OEM. Second, get some professional opinions on your choices because they have more experience than you do.

4. Tires Upgrades

Goodyear, Michelin, and Yokohama are the three most popular tire brands in the market. They come with various types that can accommodate your needs and driving style. All-season, high-performance, ultra high-performance, and all-terrain tires are all available from those brands. Therefore, if your tires now come from obscure manufacturers, you should consider upgrading them.

5. Reupholstery

car seatsThe seats in your car do not only affect the passengers’ comfort but also their health. You, as a driver, you must know that you need a special seat that has excellent lumbar support so that you won’t have any back pain after you drive. The cushions must be put into your mind too. Today, we have the memory foam technology, which can offer maximum weight support while supporting the body’s natural structure.

Second, changing the fabric type of the seats’ cover is also necessary. If your seats’ fabric absorbs …